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Future of Education with Luca Lange

How do we, as teachers, coaches, tutors or lecturers assure highly focused and motivated students? How do the students activate long-term memory? What does the curriculum need to look like for digital natives? And what makes a great teacher?

A lot of questions, a lot of opinions. Teaching and especially the right way of teaching can be a very touchy subject. In this podcast, we will explore answers and Lucas point of view and show you what he found to be an effective, student-centered method of teaching classes in a media-centered institution.

In long-term research, interviews with international teachers and professionals and practical tests Luca worked on finding the best way to meet every parties needs in terms of teaching, curriculum and classroom structure. He is teaching us about Blended Learning, building sustainable relationships between teacher and students, practical classroom units, student-centered curriculum choices, didactic fundamentals, the importance of video units and how to design a curriculum for your own teaching scenarios.

I hope you enjoy this interview and make sure to check out Luca!

The Podcast is also available on every bigger platform like iTunes or Spotify

Daniel Zeitler

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